Crafting My Way Through Life

A while ago, I found this picture on Pinterest and I fell in love with it! I knew that I wanted to make a similar one and that it would fit perfectly on my blank kitchen wall. Unfortunately the pin takes you right to a picture and not to a website with any sort of instructions. Even after Googling around I couldn’t find anything else connected with that picture so I knew I was on my own.

12 photos, any size you like
12 frames, any type you like
Clock hands, any size or style you like
Battery pack
Mounting cup that fits your clock hands
Sticker wording

The first issue I tackled was finding the clock hands. After much searching, I finally found which sells large hands with the battery pack as well as mounting cup. This one was perfect, it had everything that I needed! There was a delay in the delivery of it though. The mounting cups were on back order (which wasn’t brought to my attention until after I purchased it) so it took about a month to receive them.

While I was waiting for the hands to come in, I got working on the rest of it. The husband and I decided to go with simple black frames that would put all of the focus on the photos, with 8x10s for the 3, 6, 9, 12 o’clock positions and 5x7s for the rest. We found some cheap frames at Walmart that were just what we wanted. The small ones were around $3 each and the larger were around $5. Unfortunately I didn’t realize until later that the frames didn’t have any hooks for hanging. We grabbed some hooks at Walmart, about $1 for 5, and I hammered them on the back of the frames, making sure they were centered. Easy!

The next step was picking photos. This was probably the hardest part! I decided to use only horizontal photos to make the clock look symmetrical. Also, I knew that I wanted to do some older pictures mixed in with newer pictures so I went through my parents’ and the husband’s parents’ photo albums and picked out a bunch I liked. (The hubs told me he didn’t care about the pictures so he had no input.) Then I went through some newer ones and picked some favorites. I narrowed them down to 12 (obviously) with 8 old and 4 newer ones. After scanning the old ones, I decided which to make 8×10, waited for one of my usual photo printing companies to email me a deal, and ordered them! (I normally use Shutterfly, Snapfish, or Clark Color. It depends on who is running the best deal, if it’s free shipping, a percentage off, or free prints.)

Once they came in, I stuck them in their frames and figured out which photo should be which number. Two of my kitties decided to help. By this time the hands were in so I really got a sense of how it would look.

My original inspiration picture has the phrase “Time spent with family is worth every second”. I knew that I wanted to include this but decided to add “and friends”. Some day I might want to swap out the current photos for ones that include friends, and hey, aren’t my family members my friends as well?

After more Googling, I found, which let’s you completely customize any type of lettering. They had lower prices than other sites and their customization center was really easy to use! After much deliberation, I decided on 3″ letters and the font “Seventeen”.

Once the sticker was ordered and received it was time to get everything on the wall!

The hubs helped me with (some of) the hanging part. We started with the hands which was the easy part. We centered it vertically and horizontally on the wall. Simple!

I promise that our walls aren’t this ugly color! In real life, they’re a bright yellow.

Once the hands were up we measured a foot out from the base and hung the 8x10s. Make sure you account for where the hook is on the frame and then figure out your measurement! It took us a few minutes to remember to do that.

After you have those up, move onto the 5x7s. Figure out how far out you want them and continue that around the clock.

Once they’re all up, erase all of your pencil marks (I had a ton!) and straighten all the pictures.


I asked my dad to help me with the sticker part because he has a great eye for spacing and keeping things centered. We followed the directions that came with the sticker and here is the finished product:

I don’t know about you but I love it!! (Too bad 4 o’clock isn’t straight in that picture.) The font isn’t too bold and the size of the lettering is just right. It doesn’t distract from the photos, but adds to it.

I hope this gives many other people the inspiration to do something exciting on a blank wall in their house!



Initial Frame

When looking for ideas on what to do with our wedding cards I came across this post.

I loved that they used parts of their cards to make a letter! (I’m assuming their last name starts with a B)
I knew that I wanted to bind my cards together, as I did here, and that I would have the hole punches. Instead of cutting scraps, I decided to save the punches and go from there.

Hole punches
Glue- I used Elmer’s
Frame- bought a cheap one from Walmart
Matboard, cardboard, paper- I used matboard
Spray paint
Exacto knife
Double sided tape- optional

-Spray paint your frame if it needs it. Mine did since it was a little dinged up from sitting on a shelf.
-Cut a piece of matboard to fit the frame. You can use the paper the frame comes with if you’d like. I spray painted the mat black but make yours whatever color you want!
-Cut another piece of matboard into the letter of your choosing. I had a wooden letter C that I used for a different craft that I traced and cut out.
-Start gluing your hole punches down. I started on the outside of the letter and worked my way in. I also tried to not overlap as much as I could but as I got closer to the middle, some overlap was necessary.
-Attach your letter to the frame. I used double sided tape so the letter pops off the frame a bit.
-Display and you’re finished!


Bridal showers and weddings leave a newly married couple with tons of cards. Many have personal notes, nice sayings, and lots of glitter. But what are you supposed to do with them? Keep them, throw them away? I always have that issue when my birthday comes around (two weeks!). I feel bad throwing birthday cards away so they end up in a random box that I never open.

After our wedding we were left with a bunch of bridal shower and wedding cards and I didn’t have the heart to throw them out. Plus, some day I’ll probably want to go back through them and read the sweet things people wrote. I needed to find a way to keep them that didn’t involve putting them in a box. I’ve heard that some people have bound their cards into books which seemed too expensive and complicated to me. But it did give me the inspiration to create a simpler way! And here it is:

How to make a bridal shower/wedding card book:



3 ring hole punch
plastic baggie
ribbon/sting/yarn (I used the ribbon from the cards)

Instructions: ***I did two separate books, one of shower cards and one of wedding cards.

-Punch holes in each card. Most of my cards were large enough to have two holes.
-As the hole punch fills up, empty it into the baggie. Save these!
-If you want, remove any ribbons or strings that decorate the cards. Save these as well!
-Once you’re finished punching, go through your cards and pick out the two largest ones.
-Use the largest cards as the “cover” of the book
-Starting with the large card, feed a ribbon/string/yarn (I used the ribbons that decorated the cards) through each card, ending with the other large card.
-Tie the ribbon.
-Repeat with the second hole and you’re finished!





Super simple way to keep and display your cards! I have mine sitting on our bookshelf with some of our photo albums.


*******Keep the hole punches for a craft that I will show you soon! And yes, there are some extra hole punches on some cards. You’ll understand why soon!


Something Christmasy

On my early days of Pinterest searching I came across a way to display my wedding invitation during Christmas:

My finished product on our tree!

It seemed fairly easy without much hassle. (Spoiler alert: It was easy!) And being a newlywed, I didn’t have a ton of Christmas decorations.

Ingredients Needed (haha):
Plastic Empty Ornament – found for about $1 at ACMoore
Wedding Invitation

-Cut your invitation into strips. Throw away any areas without wording, unless your invite is small and you want to fill up the ball
-Twist individual strips on a pen or your finger so they get curly (make sure the wording faces you so it will be visible in the ornament)
-Place the curled strips in the ball
-Attach the top and hang on your tree

And you’re finished! Told you it was easy!!
It’s perfect for your own tree or a present for your newly married friends!

Inspiration was from

Make sure you show me your finished project!

Where should I start?

In September of 2011 my fiance (and soon to be husband) and I bought a house! It’s a super cute, hugeeeee townhouse about a mile outside of Baltimore County. This was the first time I lived anywhere other than my parents so I wasn’t very skilled at decorating, or even furniture placement. Slowly, with the help of family, The Hubs and I have been figuring things out! (For example, we realized that we hate painting. Ugh, thinking about cutting in and molding makes me cringe.)

On October 9, 2011 we got hitched! It was an amazing day! Gorgeous weather, beautiful people, and tons of fun! Our excellent photographer captured photos that will soon be all over the house (we’re waiting on our framer, my dad, who’s been a bit busy). Butttt, as much as I’d love to, we can’t decorate the house with just wedding photos. :/ So I’ve come up with my own ideas and found things online (loveee Pinterest) to help make our house a home.

Follow me as I try my hand at this crafting thing. :]