Crafting My Way Through Life

Hello Blogland!

Where should I start?

In September of 2011 my fiance (and soon to be husband) and I bought a house! It’s a super cute, hugeeeee townhouse about a mile outside of Baltimore County. This was the first time I lived anywhere other than my parents so I wasn’t very skilled at decorating, or even furniture placement. Slowly, with the help of family, The Hubs and I have been figuring things out! (For example, we realized that we hate painting. Ugh, thinking about cutting in and molding makes me cringe.)

On October 9, 2011 we got hitched! It was an amazing day! Gorgeous weather, beautiful people, and tons of fun! Our excellent photographer captured photos that will soon be all over the house (we’re waiting on our framer, my dad, who’s been a bit busy). Butttt, as much as I’d love to, we can’t decorate the house with just wedding photos. :/ So I’ve come up with my own ideas and found things online (loveee Pinterest) to help make our house a home.

Follow me as I try my hand at this crafting thing. :]


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