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Initial Frame

When looking for ideas on what to do with our wedding cards I came across this post.

I loved that they used parts of their cards to make a letter! (I’m assuming their last name starts with a B)
I knew that I wanted to bind my cards together, as I did here, and that I would have the hole punches. Instead of cutting scraps, I decided to save the punches and go from there.

Hole punches
Glue- I used Elmer’s
Frame- bought a cheap one from Walmart
Matboard, cardboard, paper- I used matboard
Spray paint
Exacto knife
Double sided tape- optional

-Spray paint your frame if it needs it. Mine did since it was a little dinged up from sitting on a shelf.
-Cut a piece of matboard to fit the frame. You can use the paper the frame comes with if you’d like. I spray painted the mat black but make yours whatever color you want!
-Cut another piece of matboard into the letter of your choosing. I had a wooden letter C that I used for a different craft that I traced and cut out.
-Start gluing your hole punches down. I started on the outside of the letter and worked my way in. I also tried to not overlap as much as I could but as I got closer to the middle, some overlap was necessary.
-Attach your letter to the frame. I used double sided tape so the letter pops off the frame a bit.
-Display and you’re finished!