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A while ago, I found this picture on Pinterest and I fell in love with it! I knew that I wanted to make a similar one and that it would fit perfectly on my blank kitchen wall. Unfortunately the pin takes you right to a picture and not to a website with any sort of instructions. Even after Googling around I couldn’t find anything else connected with that picture so I knew I was on my own.

12 photos, any size you like
12 frames, any type you like
Clock hands, any size or style you like
Battery pack
Mounting cup that fits your clock hands
Sticker wording

The first issue I tackled was finding the clock hands. After much searching, I finally found which sells large hands with the battery pack as well as mounting cup. This one was perfect, it had everything that I needed! There was a delay in the delivery of it though. The mounting cups were on back order (which wasn’t brought to my attention until after I purchased it) so it took about a month to receive them.

While I was waiting for the hands to come in, I got working on the rest of it. The husband and I decided to go with simple black frames that would put all of the focus on the photos, with 8x10s for the 3, 6, 9, 12 o’clock positions and 5x7s for the rest. We found some cheap frames at Walmart that were just what we wanted. The small ones were around $3 each and the larger were around $5. Unfortunately I didn’t realize until later that the frames didn’t have any hooks for hanging. We grabbed some hooks at Walmart, about $1 for 5, and I hammered them on the back of the frames, making sure they were centered. Easy!

The next step was picking photos. This was probably the hardest part! I decided to use only horizontal photos to make the clock look symmetrical. Also, I knew that I wanted to do some older pictures mixed in with newer pictures so I went through my parents’ and the husband’s parents’ photo albums and picked out a bunch I liked. (The hubs told me he didn’t care about the pictures so he had no input.) Then I went through some newer ones and picked some favorites. I narrowed them down to 12 (obviously) with 8 old and 4 newer ones. After scanning the old ones, I decided which to make 8×10, waited for one of my usual photo printing companies to email me a deal, and ordered them! (I normally use Shutterfly, Snapfish, or Clark Color. It depends on who is running the best deal, if it’s free shipping, a percentage off, or free prints.)

Once they came in, I stuck them in their frames and figured out which photo should be which number. Two of my kitties decided to help. By this time the hands were in so I really got a sense of how it would look.

My original inspiration picture has the phrase “Time spent with family is worth every second”. I knew that I wanted to include this but decided to add “and friends”. Some day I might want to swap out the current photos for ones that include friends, and hey, aren’t my family members my friends as well?

After more Googling, I found, which let’s you completely customize any type of lettering. They had lower prices than other sites and their customization center was really easy to use! After much deliberation, I decided on 3″ letters and the font “Seventeen”.

Once the sticker was ordered and received it was time to get everything on the wall!

The hubs helped me with (some of) the hanging part. We started with the hands which was the easy part. We centered it vertically and horizontally on the wall. Simple!

I promise that our walls aren’t this ugly color! In real life, they’re a bright yellow.

Once the hands were up we measured a foot out from the base and hung the 8x10s. Make sure you account for where the hook is on the frame and then figure out your measurement! It took us a few minutes to remember to do that.

After you have those up, move onto the 5x7s. Figure out how far out you want them and continue that around the clock.

Once they’re all up, erase all of your pencil marks (I had a ton!) and straighten all the pictures.


I asked my dad to help me with the sticker part because he has a great eye for spacing and keeping things centered. We followed the directions that came with the sticker and here is the finished product:

I don’t know about you but I love it!! (Too bad 4 o’clock isn’t straight in that picture.) The font isn’t too bold and the size of the lettering is just right. It doesn’t distract from the photos, but adds to it.

I hope this gives many other people the inspiration to do something exciting on a blank wall in their house!



Comments on: "Large Family-Style Wall Clock" (25)

  1. Thank you for your detailed instructions! I just ordered the saying and the clock this am and will get going on this asap!!! I love it!

  2. Very nice idea! I love it! 🙂 Thanks for your description, it inspired me to make something similar at my home. Greetings from Germany! Clarissa

  3. shirley anderson said:

    Please email these pictures and instructions

  4. Does the hands stills work correctly? How big over all is the clock?

  5. Robert Diane Medeiros said:

    You can also look on eBay for the clock hands.. they have various sizes. I will be tackling this soon.

  6. Sierra Killeen said:

    What was your total spend for this project?

  7. Beth Zuller said:

    I have been looking at this wall arrangement on Pinterest for over a month and your wonderfully detailed instructions and tips gave me the confidence to move forward. I ordered the clock hands and the words yesterday and just got notification that the words shipped – YAY! Gathered my pictures and had them printed today. Now I’m just waiting for the “pieces” to arrive. Thank you so much for taking the time to spell out this process so clearly!!!

  8. Everybody keeps telling me it won’t tell the right time if not properly spaced. Did you do anything or just let the clock hands do the job? Thank you!

    • I measured all the frames out so they would be spaced the same distance from each other. I started with 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock then figured out the spacing for the inbetween numbers. Mine tells the right time!

  9. Can you tell me how much space you needed…..what the dimensions are? Thx!

  10. Chelsey Gies said:

    I love it and want one just like yours! Would you be willing to do it all again except for the placing on the wall??! If so, what would you charge and how much space does yours take up?

  11. Hi what size hands did you get? I’m thinking the 17 and 3/4?

  12. I really love this! I’m making one for my sister!

  13. […] Link> […]

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