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To Keep or Not to Keep?

Bridal showers and weddings leave a newly married couple with tons of cards. Many have personal notes, nice sayings, and lots of glitter. But what are you supposed to do with them? Keep them, throw them away? I always have that issue when my birthday comes around (two weeks!). I feel bad throwing birthday cards away so they end up in a random box that I never open.

After our wedding we were left with a bunch of bridal shower and wedding cards and I didn’t have the heart to throw them out. Plus, some day I’ll probably want to go back through them and read the sweet things people wrote. I needed to find a way to keep them that didn’t involve putting them in a box. I’ve heard that some people have bound their cards into books which seemed too expensive and complicated to me. But it did give me the inspiration to create a simpler way! And here it is:

How to make a bridal shower/wedding card book:



3 ring hole punch
plastic baggie
ribbon/sting/yarn (I used the ribbon from the cards)

Instructions: ***I did two separate books, one of shower cards and one of wedding cards.

-Punch holes in each card. Most of my cards were large enough to have two holes.
-As the hole punch fills up, empty it into the baggie. Save these!
-If you want, remove any ribbons or strings that decorate the cards. Save these as well!
-Once you’re finished punching, go through your cards and pick out the two largest ones.
-Use the largest cards as the “cover” of the book
-Starting with the large card, feed a ribbon/string/yarn (I used the ribbons that decorated the cards) through each card, ending with the other large card.
-Tie the ribbon.
-Repeat with the second hole and you’re finished!





Super simple way to keep and display your cards! I have mine sitting on our bookshelf with some of our photo albums.


*******Keep the hole punches for a craft that I will show you soon! And yes, there are some extra hole punches on some cards. You’ll understand why soon!